Offer academic year 2020-2021  


 Thursdays and Fridays  8:00 to 17:00 term time (see below for information regarding services outside of term times) 


Daily fee: £75 per day which includes all food and snacks 

There is also a fee of £50 a month per child to cover minibus expenses. 

Registration Fee

£40 non refundable 


One month deposit. The exact figure will vary depending on how many days your child attends.

  Funded hours 

If your child is entitled to funding,  he/she will be able to use 5 hours a day of his/her entitlement (2 year old , universal or extended hours or also called 30 hours for 3 and 4 year old children). 

You will need to pay for the remaining 4 hours.  Each hour is charged at  £7.50 so each family entitled to funding pays £30 for 9 hours in total ( 5 funded and 4 paid each day)

The minimum commitment is one full day. 

All funding begins at the start of the term following their second / third and 4th birthday . 

Funding eligibility check

 -2 year old children:

-Universal hours: we only need to see your child's passport or birth certificate. 

-Applying for extended Entitlement/ 30 hours:

Childcare Service Helpline 

If parents need assistance or do not have access to the internet they can call the childcare service helpline on 0300 123 4097 and apply over the phone. 

Complaints related to funding 

 Parents who are not satisfied with the delivery of the funded offer can email:

Tax Free childcare 

If you are not eligible to claim any funded hours  for your child, you can get some help from the scheme tax free childcare. Follow this link for more details:

Holiday clubs: 

if you are are working parent and you need childcare out of term times we will provide a holiday club. 

The  offer in terms of daily fee, times and days will be the same.



BFBM Outdoors Learning Limited 

Ofsted Registration Number: 2554154                        

Setting Reference Number:   2554155



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